What is Overlook Farm?

Formally speaking, Overlook Farm is comprised of 327 acres of land, the Courtyard at Overlook Farm, on South Highway 79, two historic inns, and a variety of event spaces to host any special occasion. But when you look beyond that, we are so much more. Overlook Farm strongly believes in returning to the earth and supporting sustainable practices, from the harvesting of vegetables to the raising of livestock. On our 327 acres rest many jewels: berry and vegetable gardens, and orchards, just to name a few. All of these assets help to support the kitchen at Overlook Farm, providing our guest with farm-fresh meals and cocktails. Though Overlook Farm is a many-faceted entity, all of its parts work together towards common goals: beauty, relaxation, and elegant country-living.

Where is Overlook Farm?

Overlook Farm is located in historic Clarksville, Missouri, a little more than a scenic hour-long drive from Saint Louis, and within a very short walk of the Mighty Mississippi River.

Where does Nathalie Pettus find the time for all of this?

Oh my goodness! We all know that when something is important to you and to your life, you will always find a way. To say the least, Overlook Farm and Clarksville are both very important to Nathalie. No matter where she is, her passion for Overlook Farm and what it stands for is clear to be seen. In between being a loving mother and one active in politics, she spends many hours harvesting berries for the Farm's fresh summer cocktails, picking cherries for cobbler, working in the office to keep everything running smoothly, and greeting guests with her always bright smile and distinctive laugh. Truly, as her son Ethan would say, she is a mother to us all.

What's the history behind the dining at Overlook Farm?

The Clarksville Station opened the weekend of July 4th, 2006. The Station was the first part of Overlook Farm's genesis and played a central role of the entire Farm's operation. Unfortunately, on March 4, 2014 the Station was lost in a tragic fire. Since then, it has been a rebuilding period, and an opportunity for Overlook Farm to continue to grow. Replacing The Station lies The Courtyard at Overlook Farm, an outdoor venue space. 

Where are the inns?

Overlook Farm is home to two historic inns: Cedarcrest Manor and Rackheath House. Cedarcrest Manor, the oldest Bed & Breakfast / inn in Missouri, and is a simple ten minute walk from Clarksville's Main Street. Rackheath House, nestled within a myriad of different gardens where Jane Austen and her characters would feel perfectly at home.

What is the price range of the inns?


Nightly rates starting at $99.00.

Cedarcrest Manor

Rackheath House

Avalon House

Bridal Cottage

Please see indoor/outdoor pictures, and visit the different options to stay with us under the "Inns" section of our website, or click the individual Inns above.