Overlook Farm Eggs

For us, our chicken and ducks welfare is about more than just giving our girls room to roam. It's about doing everything we possibly can to make sure they have happier lives.

GMO Free
Fed a Vegetarian Diet
No Antibiotics EVER
Raised in Clarksville, MO.

Fresh duck eggs are available year round for purchase. They add extra fluffiness to baking and pastries but they are great for eating like chicken eggs, too. Many of those allergic to chicken eggs can often eat duck eggs, instead. Of course, if you have severe eggs allergies, we suggest that you consult your physician before using duck eggs. Duck eggs are, also, a natural alkaline-producing food, one of the few foods that leave your body more alkaline, which is a great benefit to cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment.

Our ducks are free-range, roaming their grassy pasture daily even during the snowy winter days. They live a happy life, feasting on seasonal bugs and swimming in their own pond. They, also, enjoy fruit and vegetables scraps from our vegetable gardens. our ducks are antibiotic and hormone free. Shipping is not included in the price. Duck eggs, have a thicker eggshell allowing them to ship very successfully.

As always, thank you for supporting a small, local farm, as we try to provide the freshest produce.