• The Farm Barn
  • The Farm Main
  • The Farm Pond
  • The Farm Scenery
  • The Farm Sunrise

The Farmstead

In the late 1700’s, 17,000 Hectares of Missouri land were granted to Antoine Saugrain by the king of Spain. Over the years, and through the generations, Saugrain’s family fostered the land into agricultural prominence – nurturing its orchards and fields through the 1900’s.

Today, that same land is tended by Saugrain’s great-great-great granddaughter, Nathalie Pettus. As proprietor of Overlook Farm, Nathalie has been lovingly expanding the farm offerings and working with local growers to bring the land back to its original grandeur.Her flourishing gardens now dot the property – along with ponds, flower fields and secluded patches of land. And together, these elements form a thriving agricultural system.

Chef’s Garden

Lemon verbena, bronze fennel and spineless okra are just a few of the fresh, exotic ingredients that grow in this small, yet abundant garden. Herbs, vegetables, and other epicurean accoutrements are hand-selected at the start of each season, carefully cultivated, and used exclusively at The Station to lend incomparable flavor to an array of inspired dishes.

Vegetable Garden

Sprouting just outside The Station’s kitchen door, you’ll find the vegetable garden, where fresh produce is plucked straight from the earth, taken directly to the chef, and prepared for the table in a matter of hours.

Berry Patches

The nooks and hidden hillsides of Overlook Farm are occupied by burgeoning berry patches, where farm proprietor, Nathalie Pettus grows plump black raspberries, blueberries, and red rhubarb using sustainable practices. Many of these fruits are used to create seasonal syrups and jams. Others lend their flavor to fresh farm desserts and refreshing cocktails at The Station. And some are plucked straight from the ground and enjoyed on the spot.

The Orchards

When Overlook Farm first began, it housed a sprawling orchard filled with apple trees. Often sold straight from the cart, and sometimes stenciled for special occasions, the apples that grew here were so crisp and delicious that they were once served to president Truman at the White House. As the land transferred hands, the orchards fell by the wayside. But they’re once again blossoming today – and slowly being nurtured back to life by Overlook Farm proprietor, Nathalie Pettus.

The Overlook

Perched upon one of the highest spots along the Mississippi, you’ll find The Overlook – a site that’s stunningly scenic and beautifully undisturbed. Just a short walk from our historic Missouri Inns, The Overlook offers breathtaking views of the river and a quiet, peaceful place to escape the stresses of the city.