The Farm

From its start as a land grant in the late 1700s, to a prosperous apple orchard in the 1930s-40s, Overlook Farm today is emerging as a model in sustainable food production and innovative farming techniques. Under the nurturing guidance of fifth generation owner, Nathalie Pettus, Overlook Farm now includes award-winning inns and premier event venues, all nestled into the pastures and hillsides of an operating farm. Everyone who works at the farm is committed to ensuring that the land and its inhabitants are cared for naturally and humanely. Joining our heritage red wattle berkshire cross hogs and grass-fed angus hereford , chickens, ducks, turkey, and lamb. The motivation behind all decisions, is a desire to leave this small piece of earth a better place. Additionally, the team at Overlook Farm goes to great lengths to source, grow, and raise food that does not harm people or the environment. Pettus has invested heart and soul into making any farm stay, whether for a day or a lifetime, a rejuvenating and happy experience. 

The Orchards and Fruits

When Overlook Farm first began, it housed a sprawling orchard filled with apple trees. Often sold straight from the cart, and sometimes stenciled for special occasions, the apples that grew here were so crisp and delicious that they were once given as a present to Missouri native President Harry S Truman at the White House. The nooks and hidden hillsides of Overlook Farm are occupied by burgeoning berry patches, where the proprietor, Nathalie Pettus, grows plump black raspberries, blueberries, and red rhubarb using sustainable practices. We also grow peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries, pears, and blackberries.  Many of these fruits are used to create seasonal syrups and jams. Others lend their flavor to fresh farm desserts,  refreshing cocktails, and some are plucked straight from the ground and enjoyed on the spot.