Unlike other farm-to-table operations, Overlook Farm is not chef-driven, we are farm-driven.  We raise on the farm products that we have found to be the most successful for our part of Missouri and they are brought to each kitchen ready for the culinary team's creativity.

Overlook Farm is a family of over 60--Amish to atheist, dreadlocks and tattoos to Ralph Lauren. And if there are any celebrities, they are the members of our farming team who take care of our animals and raise our produce. 

The heat of the kitchen is nothing to what our farmers endure, 110 degrees to minus 10 degrees.  Throughout the entire year, we are producing products for your table in our 26 hoop houses, 5 greenhouses, and 327 acres.  And what we don't produce ourselves, we source from like-minded suppliers, making certain that our guests receive the highest quality and safest food possible.



Dining at Overlook Farm:

The Courtyard is closed for the season!

See you next spring!