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Inn Stays


Overlook Farm



TV & DVD Player

Room has a TV and DVD player.


Unique, scenic areas on the grounds.

Pool or Hot Tub

Water amenities on premises.

Free Wifi

Wireless internet provided.

Public Spaces

Public areas of the inn are open.

Tea & Coffee

Complementary, in room.

Private Rental

Rented to a singular party, without other guests. 


Guests can include adults and children.

Open Kitchen

Guests are allowed to utilize and cook in the kitchen.

ADA Accessible

Guests can include those with disabilities.

Specific amenities apply to specific inns and rooms. If you ever have any questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us or call us at 573.242.3838  Note:  both 1NW at Cedarcrest Manor and Chauncey Room at The Rackheath House are ADA Compliant rooms.




Cedarcrest Manor is nestled among a cluster of towering cedars and tucked away just up the hill from the city of Clarksville. 

Built in 1842 by Captain Benjamin Clifford, a prominent riverboat captain, Cedarcrest began its life as a plantation home and quickly became the archetype for a number of houses built in the Mississippi River Valley.

Romanesque pool which creates a quiet, and restful place to relax and recharge. Rich with amenities, this enchanting Missouri inn is adorned with antiques and features a fireplace in every room.



Rackheath House is perched atop the hills of the Mississippi River Valley, and situated just a short walk from the Overlook –-one of the highest spots along the river.

Built in 1860 and restored in 2006 by Nathalie Pettus, this Greek revival-style manor features sprawling grounds, a spacious veranda, and a romantic, flourishing garden filled with gorgeous walking paths.

It's accessible. state-of-the art kitchen and elegant dining room provide guests with the ideal place to uncork a bottle of wine or sip a cup of coffee.



Our Bridal Cottage provides an intimate space for couples to get away for the weekend.

Perched above the meadow, surrounded by rolling hills, it provides beautiful views of the sunrise and sunsets.


A guest will find a full kitchen and beautifully decorated bedroom creating a weekend you'll never forget!



Sitting across from Avalon Hall lies Avalon House. It's great for a girls or guys weekend get-away, book clubs, or perfect for any special occasion. 

Avalon House is fully furnished with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, and a wrap-around deck.


It is by far one of the most breath-taking views on the property overlooking the Mississippi River. This home is perfect for retreats of any occasion.



Overlook Farm's newest accommodation is located in a private area of the farm, away from heavy traffic. It's perfect for a group that wants to stay in conditions that are rustic luxury.

The Lodge can accommodate up to 12 guests.


It's unique location ensures for a private and scenic stay for bachelor's parties, business functions, and hunters.


Special Packages & Add-ons

Selections can be added via a reservation at least 48-hours before the date of check-in. To view some our most common options, please review the Add-on Tab; most add-ons can be added during the online room-booking process, but also can be added manually by office staff, via calling 573.242.3838 or emailing 



Booking through the website or accepting keys to a room/house acknowledges acceptance of our terms and conditions.


A booking guest or registered guest is considered a person(s) that has reserved and prepaid the deposit for the specified reservation period. NO unregistered/booking person(s), without the consent of an agent of the Inns at Overlook Farm, is allowed on the property. 

We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 years old to book/register/stay in any of the Inns or properties at Overlook Farm.

Reservations require:

a) a 100% prepaid deposit, including tax, for the entire length of the booking by a major credit card that is accepted by Overlook Farm; b) email address and phone number on file; c) a valid major credit card number to be held on file until any and all settlements are made after check-out; including but not limited to: usage, lost key, consumables, and/or damage. Un-returned key is a $25.00 fee. 

  • Check-In time is 3:00 p.m. CST.  Check-in time is the time that the room and facilities are available to a registered guest. We do have a late check-in fee if after 5pm.

  • Check –Out is at 11:00 a.m. CST.  Check-out time is the required time a registered guest and any unregistered persons associated with the guest are to have vacated the booked room and facilities. 

    • Failure to vacate the room and facilities by the required time of 12:00 p.m. CST will incur additional charges.  Fees for failure to vacate the room and facilities are $50 per hour. 

    • In the event that the booked/registered guest and his/her guest fail to vacate the booked room and facilities by 4:00 p.m. CST, an additional night stay fee will be charged to the credit card number registered to the booking guest.  In the result that the failure to vacate results in the displacement of another guests’ room booking, an additional fee of 50% of the standard room rate for that room will be charged to the credit card number on file registered to the booking guest. 

  • Late check-out is available without charge if the room is not booked and arrangements are made and confirmed by an agent of the Inns at Overlook Farm.  Late check-out cannot be confirmed until the day of check-out. 

Check-In & Check-Out